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Outdated Marketing Strategies and What To Do Instead

It is 2020, lots of trends have been outdated and replaced faster than the blink of an eye (okay maybe that is an exaggeration).

In the world of Netflix and Social Media, if your marketing strategies aren’t constantly changing and catering to the needs of consumers, you will fail.

It is therefore time to forget and replace your traditional advertising projects with these digital ones.

1- Hello Google Ads, Goodbye Yellow Pages
When was the last time you touched a phone book to look up something? If you’ve got a valid response to this issue – and it’s less than five years ago – then you’re likely over 80 because there’s no one (and I mean no one) who uses phone books.

That said, on Yellow Page advertisements, you’re wasting your time. If somebody needs to look up something, they’re likely just going to google it. So, why don’t you put your advertisements on Google?! With Google Ads, instead of just blindly reaching everyone and their grandma, you can target your intended crowd.

For varied search outcomes, you can use keywords to display up so you understand the people who click on your advertisements are already thinking and looking for something associated to your company.

2- Billboards Social Media Posts
Do you call or look up a billboard with a company phone number or website? Perhaps not. So, no matter how incredible and creative your billboard is, there are not many high-quality leads coming from your board (which can’t even monitor ROI or any metrics).

Nowadays, though, everybody and their mom (and even their grandma) are on social media. And, we hate saying this–and we don’t support it–but while in the vehicle, they’re even on it. By posting content offerings and blogs that will drive them to your site, you can generate brand awareness and teach your supporters with social media.

3- Say No to TV Commercials & Yes to Online Videos
TV and commercials are the beginning of the 2000s. I bet you don’t even have a cable if you’re anything like me because you’re already happy with your online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t continually watch other video streams and brief clips online.

With attention spans becoming shorter, videos are still an excellent way to advertise and market to your audience— and with fresh video integration from HubSpot, adding videos to your site is simple. You can generate tutorials, explain, resource, business overview videos, etc., and then embed them into emails, add pages to the website, and share them on social media.

4- Forget Print & Step Up Your Email Marketing Game
I believe you understand at this stage that we are living in a digital globe and that everyone is turning to the Internet and communication technology. Stop harming trees, therefore, by generating printed products such as brochures, flyers, and booklets and begin using email marketing.

With email marketing, to make it more impactful than a flyer individuals throw away, you can personalize it to each person. And you can see metrics, test messaging for A / B, target your audiences, and more with email.

In conclusion, if you are practicing any of the mentioned old methods, replace them with new ones. The initial cost may be higher but it is one that keeps on giving (yes we mean profits).