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Is Nike the King of Marketing?

Look around wherever you are seated, at least one person will be sporting some sort of Nike merchandise- be it a cap, sneakers or bags. Do people buy Nike because they like the quality or do they buy Nike because of the marketing tactics and focus on branding? We will let you decide for yourself.

Embracing New Technology (apps)

Nike is always embracing new technology and in such a competitive environment, failure to do so will result in a loss of consumers. Nike has launched two of its own apps- Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club. Nike Run Club is a fitness app which enhances your running experience through GPS run tracking, audio-guided runs, custom challenges. The Nike Training Club app acts as an online personal trainer by offering 185+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga.

These apps increase customer loyalty and engagement as it provides them with value. If you are thinking of creating an app, contact our specialist team at Digital Lab.

Adapting To Audience Needs (social platforms)

Nike understands that their core demographic is inclusive of heavy Instagram users and maintaining an online presence of Instagram seems logical. They share motivational messages as opposed to frequenting pitching in for sales.

Having an Instagram account for your business is not just about posting a few pictures couple times a week. It is about posting quality content that audience take an interest in. It is about finding the right balance between creating content that consumers find interesting and helpful and creating content that creates an increase in sales.

Brand Storytelling Through Content Writing

Brand stories make customers loyal to you not just because they like your product, but because they identify with your brand and your brand beliefs. According to the business magazine, Forbes, the brand of Nike ranks 18th most valuable globally and is number one in apparel. A significant contributor to their success is their consistency in the stories that they tell through their advertising and brand campaigns.

Consistency in brand storytelling makes you more dependable by consumers. Inconsistent brand appearance raises concern for consumers as it portrays a loss of identity. It is through consistently repeating the brand message that you will get your audience to link themselves with the themes that you care about.

An effective brand story, it has to be evident in how you run your business. It is not just something to post on your social media or web platforms.